When it comes to patient care, providers strive for the best possible outcomes. All of the archaic medical treatments and technologies that have come and gone over the centuries—however bizarre—originated as genuine attempts to deliver optimal care. From leeches to trepanation, medical practices that were once widely accepted and have since been deemed archaic and even barbaric.

Today, we look back at these practices with a curious mix of fascination and horror, and wonder how any medical professional could have thought they were effective. Yet even today, clinical diagnostics often still relies upon lab reporting methods that haven’t evolved in the past century. Technology offers far better, and patients most certainly deserve better. We wouldn’t accept leeches in lieu of the potential of modern medicine, so why settle for archaic lab reporting?

A basic tenet of care is staying abreast of the best technology and tools available. But clinical diagnostics still relies upon archaic lab reporting methods that haven’t evolved over the past century.

What’s wrong with outdated reporting technologies? They’re not technological.

When you use a “traditional” lab report, you’re working with an instrument designed for use on a manual typewriter. And with that limited dimensionality comes the inability to interpret results in any larger context: compared against outcomes data, or in light of specific characteristics, needs, or nuances of the patient in question.

In other words, the outdated lab report only offers a static snapshot of a testing result. It can’t deliver the level of specificity or level of analysis required for delivering precision care.

What’s the alternative?

The gold standard in lab reporting is much more than a lab report.

At Arkstone, we’ve transported the lab report into the 21st century by marrying advanced artificial intelligence with a deep understanding of infectious disease. The result?

  • AI-backed precision analysis and interpretation
  • Real-time, patient-specific treatment plans
  • Optimal antibiotic stewardship

Arkstone technology doesn’t merely interpret tests—it transforms laboratory results into an actionable, clinical-usable tool, equipping healthcare providers with a data-driven, patient-specific ideal course of action, complete with alternative treatment options.

Unlike outdated lab report methodologies, Arkstone recommendations provide dosages and duration of treatment, with all recommendations specific to the infection or indication.

We’re leveraging the power of modern technologies for precision microbiology analysis.

Arkstone’s offerings deliver a level of precision and detail that traditional lab reports simply can’t match, identifying not only the specific pathogens causing an infection, but also accounting for underlying factors that may contribute to treatment resistance. This level of detail produces treatment plans tailored to the unique needs of each patient, maximizing the chances of a successful outcome.

  • The OneChoice Report includes easy-to-understand numerical Arkscores assessing:
    • Infection complexity
    • Antibiotic adverse reactions
    • Resistance gene implications
  • With the Medsmatrix report, providers can:
    • View drug-to-microbe relationships
    • See why a drug may not work (resistance, pregnancy, allergies, pediatric concerns, etc.)
    • View activity level and NIH data
    • Choose their own treatment plans outside of the OneChoice recommendations
  • Arkstone’s other interactive tools offer the ability to:
    • Cross-check drug interactions
    • Calculate GFR and CrCl for appropriate dosage
    • Determine dosing adjustments for renal or hepatic dysfunction
    • Access NIH data and standard-of-care references for evidence-based recommendations

Don’t settle for outdated methods. Instead, deliver the specificity that precision treatment requires—with Arkstone.

Today’s healthcare system can’t afford to rely on 100-year-old lab reporting techniques.

That’s why Arkstone built a modern clinical decision-supporting tool that advances lab reporting into the future.

Partner with Arkstone today as we usher in a new era of more precise, rapid, and effective patient care.